What Panpsychists Should Reject

What Panpsychists Should Reject: On the Incompatibility of Panpsychism and Organizational Invariantism

New Version 10/30/2013

On the one hand, materialists who find conceivability arguments compelling and those with dualists inclinations who, believing in the causal closure of the Physics, do not want to render consciousness epiphenomenal might find in Panpsychism (PP) and interesting route to explore.

On the other, there are good reasons for believing that Organizational Invariantism (OI), the principle that holds that two systems with the same (sufficiently) fine-grained functional organization will have qualitatively identical expericences, is true.

Some philosophers, like David Chalmers, have either shown their sympathy for both principles or explicitely endorsed them. The purpose of this paper is to show the tension between the arguments that back up both principles. This tension should lead defenders of one of the principles to give up on the other.

This paper will be presented in the 5th Consciousness Online Conference: http://consciousnessonline.com/ with comments by Philip Goff and Hedda Hassel.

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