British Academy. Newton Fellowship

I will be collaborating with James Stazicker on a British Academy project on perceptual discrimination. Dr. Stazicker will be visiting the IIFs in April and I will be visiting the University of REading in June.

Perceptual discrimination in the light of consciousness, cognitive access and

Key debates in recent philosophy of mind and cognitive science concern the
relations between three aspects of our mental lives: (1) perceptual experiences,
such as the experience of conscious seeing; (2) the cognitive mechanisms
underlying our ability to form perceptual beliefs and report what we are perceiving;
(3) attention. For example, is perceptual experience independent of cognition, and
does attention alter the character of perceptual experience?
The main purpose of this project is to investigate the implications of the way in
which these three elements interact for theories of our ability to perceptually
discriminate objects. This ability is essential to the way in which we navigate the
world and acquire knowledge about our environment.

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